RD8000 courses

Course Description

Price: £125 +VAT
Start time: 8am
Duration: 6 hours

Course Overview

Our Radiodetection RD8000 Locator Operator Course delivers a minimum of 6 hours of theory and practical instruction, training and assessment and is designed to teach up to 6 delegates. Buried Utilities represent a major hazard to construction workers and poorly planned excavations can cause cable or pipe damage resulting in personal injury, costly repairs and delays. Our Cable and Pipe avoidance courses cover the reasons for using locators, the theory of locating services and safe systems of work covered in HSG47.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at Managers, Supervisors and Operatives in construction, utilities, telecommunications and petrochemical industries who are required to locate underground apparatus and services during planned excavations using the RD8000 units of the SPX Radiodetection RD Range Location Tools.

The RD8000 Locator Operator Course involves hands on use of the actual locators to detect and trace the route of buried services. This will cover the different types of buried services that exist, current legislation and best practice concerning detecting buried services, the safety implications of not using a locator and associated ancillary equipment, use of local utility plans, observation of evidence in the street etc.

Since the safe use of cable avoidance tools require that delegates consult safety notices and read and thoroughly understand the manufacturer’s instruction manual, English literacy and language comprehension are important requirements for any user.

Course Dates

July 2022

LONDON - Skyward Training Ltd - Romford , RM3 0JH 27 Jul 1 Day 11 Book Now