Face Fit Testing courses

Course Description

Face Fit Service
Our Face Fit Service is carried out by registered and approved fit testers and takes approximately 20 minutes per fitting. The fit test provides individuals with a record to confirm that the RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) they have selected has been professionally fit tested to ensure a seal. 
Please note that in order for the face fit tests to work, the trainee MUST NOT eat, drink, or smoke for at least 30 minutes before the test is performed. They must also be clean-shaven as stubble will prevent a good seal and the face fit test will fail. Failure to meet the requirements will result in the person NOT being tested.
Who should attend?
You should attend if you wear respiratory protective equipment. It is essential that you have documentary evidence to show the RPE fits the wearer. 
The training is specific to each person and includes:
Limitations of the mask 
How to identify worn of broken parts 
How to check the mask is working properly before use
How to check if the mask still fits 

A record of the fit test will be provided to each person who successfully passes the fit test. 
It is important that all delegates are clean-shaven and have not eaten, drunk or smoked anything in the preceding 30 minutes of the test. 
The delegate will then try on the RPE, along with any additional PPE, while the tester places the hood over the head of the delegate. A solution will be sprayed into the hood to conduct a series of tests to ensure that the RPE is correctly fitted to the wearer’s face. 
If the face fit test fails, the mask will be rechecked and any necessary adjustments will be made, such as the positioning or tightness of the straps. If the RPE fails again, it may be necessary to select an alternative model or size of mask. 

Any enquiries for dates please call 01708 361430

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