What is CAT & Genny training?

CAT & Genny
The CAT & Genny training course is a course that teaches delegates how to safely avoid damaging buried utilities. This is especially important during excavations, when a damaged pipe or cable can lead to additional work, delays in work completion, and can cause serious injury or illness to operators and members of the public. This potential damage and cost can be avoided through the proper use of the correct equipment.
CAT & Genny training teaches the use of the Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT) and Signal Generator (Genny).
Delegates will learn the importance of using equipment to locate buried utilities, the consequences of not using the correct equipment, and how to combine the use of equipment with other identifying factors such as local utility plans and evidence in the street.
Delegates do not require any previous experience working with CAT & Genny or any other cable avoidance equipment. However, it is necessary to be able to read and understand manufacturer guidelines as well as utility plans and safety signs. This means that a good level of English literacy is important.
CAT & Genny training is suitable for anybody that will be required to use this type of utility and cable detection equipment. This includes operators as well as supervisors and managers.
The course teaches participants why it is important to use this kind of equipment. It also teaches a variety of techniques used to locate services and utilities that are buried underground. Delegates will learn how to use the equipment, in a variety of different modes and settings. There will also be an outdoor practical session using plans and other equipment.
- Reasons for using CAT & Genny equipment
- Combining the use of CAT detectors with utility plans, environmental factors and more
- How to locate services
- Practical session using utility plans

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